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  1. The thin membrane that extends between the limbs and body of a bat or of gliding mammals
  2. A similar membrane between the body and wing of a bird


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  • In bats, the skin forming the surface of the wing. It is an extension of the skin of the abdomen that runs to the tip of each digit, uniting the forelimb with the body.
  • The patagium of a bat has four distinctions:
    1. Propatagium: the patagium present from the neck to the first digit.
    2. Dactylopatagium: the portion found within the digits.
    3. Plagiopatagium: the portion found between the last digit and the hindlimbs.
    4. Uropatagium: the anterior portion of the body between the two hindlimbs.
  • In some lepidopterans, one of a pair of small sensory organs situated at the bases of the anterior wings.
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